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To Buy or Not to Buy

April 09th, 2018

Technology evolves at breakneck speeds. Today’s state of the art computer is tomorrow’s slow, unusable paperweight. Keeping up with changes in technology and advancements in equipment can be a daunting and, above all, expensive task. There is an alternative however. Instead of buying your communication equipment, consider leasing it.

There are many advantages to leasing your communication equipment, as opposed to buying it. For example, your business may enjoy some favorable tax treatment and the ability to deduct your leased equipment as a tax-deductible overhead expense. Customized solutions are also a possibility with leases. You’re able to tailor a program that fits your specific financial and technical needs. Leasing also allows you to upgrade your equipment more frequently than buying might. Signing a short-term lease allows you to upgrade to the latest technology for your business at the end of your lease.

There are many more advantages to leasing your equipment. Let us help you decide whether a lease is the right thing for you and your business. Contact us and let us answer any questions you may have and discuss your options with you.

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