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Video Surveillance Solutions

We provide a Full range of network/IP Surveillance products including IP camera install, HD camera install & Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions throughout the NY-Tri-State area.

HD over existing cabling

Distributing HD over coaxial cabling often allows the use of existing cabling, substantially reducing labor. This is accomplished using RF modulation of the source‐ a technique that’s been around for some time, but has recently made the leap to HD.

HD IP Cameras

High definition IP cameras can capture 8K video, but they need an IP Network to transmit and receive commands. HD-IP cameras generally consist of the camera, digital Network Video Recorder (NVR), CAT5e patch cables, network switch and power.

Video Analytics

Surveillance Analytics

Video Analytics is the practice of using software algorithms to detect, classify, and track objects or persons. The application of video analytics is making video security systems smarter and more streamlined than ever.


Hikvision Smart Pro Series cameras feature the industry-leading technologies discussed previously while offering a diverse range of styles to complement Hikvision’s Specialty Camera Systems, to provide robust capabilities for any application, guaranteeing that our customers can find a camera solution to meet any site requirement without compromise.

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Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Networks

Video Solutions for Any Industry:

All businesses have a unique set of challenges they face when it comes to security. Eagle Eye Networks is ready to meet your needs with infinite scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics, and an open API platform for unlimited customization.

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Nusound is proud to offer Video Surveillance Solutions to customers in Westchester County, Bronx NY, Fairfield County CT - Greenwich CT, Stafford CT, Norwalk CT, Putman County, Rockland County and the surrounding areas.