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Voice Implementation Plan

NuSound Technology Group proven 10 Step Voice Implementation Plan has evolved from over thirty-two years and over 3000 installations to date. Please take a moment to review our implementation process so you can understand our road map and assist our team towards another successful project.

1.Project Manager (PM)

Is assigned to the customer project and is the customer‘s single point or contact during the implementation installation process. The PM’s initial task is to exchange contact information with the assigned customer representative.

2.Conference Call To Plan

  • Review the sales order
  • Establish the requirements of the customer and NuSound

Establish milestone dates for:

  • Client information
  • Cable schedule
  • Telco schedule
  • Install schedule
  • Training schedule

3.Conference call To Design

  • Review and finalize system design and information
  • Review and finalize milestone dates.

4.Pre-Installation work

Complete any Voice and Data cabling

  • Identify, Tone and label any existing cables
  • Secure all necessary permits and verify all facility requirements are met
  • Prepare location for equipment install

5.System Equipment

  • Equipment ordered and received
  • Equipment prepped, programmed and staged


  • Installation of cabinet/servers in customer’s premises
  • Voicemail/ACD/IVR placement
  • Verify function of all programming and integration
  • All labeling on desktop devices are installed
  • Connect equipment to network services and test


  • Prior to system cut-over, users receive complete end user training of phone/voicemail and all applications
  • Provide administrator training for basic programming and system administration

8.System Cut Over

  • All services are changed from the customer’s old equipment and installed into the new system and tested
  • All new devices are reconnected and their operations tested
  • NuSound’s installation staff will continue to monitor and answer any questions

9.Follow-Up Activity

  • Provide all PDF/Electronic documentation to customer representative/administrator
  • Follow up on system operation and any final adjustments that may be required

10.Report Card

  • Project manager requests feedback from client on their overall experience with NuSound Telecommunications Inc.