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Call Recording

Product Name: Oaisys Tracer

Product Description: Tracer, the professional interaction management software from OAISYS, empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their business communications. Tracer records calls between businesses and customers, and optionally, related desktop activity through screen recordings. Contact centers utilize these recordings to manage their agents, company processes, quality of service and customer expectations.

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Product Name: XtR BackOffice

Product Description: XtR BackOffice Recorder software resides on a PC/Server in the PBX room. Combined with either the Digital 04, Digital 16, Analogue 02, Analogue 04 or Analogue 08 hardware solutions that in turn are connected to the station wiring, BackOffice Recorder provides a true digital centralized recording solution for both large and small applications.

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Product Name: XtR Desktop

Product Description: Xtension Recorder Desktop is included with our Desktop Digital 01 and Universal USB Adapter and provides comprehensive recording and playback features for desktop users.

Xtension Recorder simply connects in line with digital PBX telephones and plugs into the USB connector on any PC. Using Comvurgent’s ‘True Digital’ technology, Xtension Recorder stores conversations in the same high quality format as your digital telephone ensuring excellent sound quality.

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Product Name: Secure Digital Call Recorder

Product Description: Say goodbye to those nasty tape based recorders with Comvurgent’s brand new Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder.

It’s a breakthrough in price-performance and functionality for the user wanting to record telephone calls on a single line/telephone. It has many of the features available on advanced PC based systems and also allows you to transfer recordings to your PC for playback, archive and management at your convenience.

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