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Our Total Care Plan Is For You

June 13th, 2018

Some IT services will only install your system and then leave you to deal with it. It can be tough to manage all of that yourself, not to mention time-consuming. Trying to figure out how it all works and manage it all on your own can be stressful, especially as when your system breaks or runs into problems it may be up to you to resolve these problems. This could hurt your business or even force you to install a new system altogether! Don’t let this happen to you. Take advantage of our Total Care Plan now and all its advantages.

With our plan, a staff of factory certified technicians would be able to assist you with your problems. From normal service calls with next day on-site service, to being on call for 24-7 emergency response, our technicians have you covered. Even for something as simple as programming changes, we have a remote maintenance center that allows us to handle these needs from off-site.

Remote services are usually completed the same day and at a reduced cost. We also offer unlimited user training, all telephone system recommended software upgrades, priority dispatch on all service related issues, backup database management, periodic preventive maintenance visits, and much more.

So don’t get some IT service that will ditch you after installations. Instead, choose NuSound Technology Group and our Total Care Plan. We’ll cover all your needs and more with our plan so you never have to worry about your IT again. So check out the Total Care Plan and make the right choice.

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