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Moving Your Business to Cloud Computing

May 14th, 2019

Introduction to the Cloud:

Cloud computing is on the rise in the world of business today. Businesses ranging in size, location, and industry are all turning to cloud computing today. This is because cloud computing is an easy way to centralize data and provide a system of collaboration among employees. Most businesses aren’t just running one cloud either; typically multiple clouds are being incorporated for different purposes. Traditional means of computing remain reliant on buying software as a one time deal, then owning and operating it from a central computer or location. Whereas new cloud systems are a paid subscription model which allow much more flexibility through the internet and are continuously updated for clients.

NuSound believes in delivering a cutting edge approach to new technology. Therefore Nusound has partnered with Fusion and Windstream because we believe that these cloud computing solutions they provide will give your business an advantage in a competitive market. NuSound also believes in providing technology which is straightforward and simplifies your life. Through these partnerships, we hope to help in not only growing your business, but also in reducing your IT costs. Cloud computing solutions mean you no longer have to invest in expensive equipment, we’ll be able to perform software upgrades for you automatically and at minimal cost with your monthly service agreement. This is a huge advantage when it comes to replacing outdated equipment.

The main benefits of cloud computing are further explained below.

  1. Reducing Costs / Remaining Efficient

The nature of cloud infrastructure means updates come with the subscription model. This reduces costs. You no longer have to invest in hardware, you no longer have to worry about systematic downtime, and you don’t need to hire extra IT support. Having a dedicated team of support comes with the subscription, as does flexibility for employees to work from anywhere. Employees can use their own hardware, which provides you with less cost.

  1. Scalability

Different companies have different needs when it comes to technology. A business with more employees will need more storage. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for businesses that are either fluctuating or growing. Changing needs call for changing models. Instead of buying software suited for 1000 employees, you can start at a lower value in the cloud and always add more. Flexibility is just part of the reason clouds are so great!

  1. Added Security

Security is a major concern for all businesses. When working on company projects, or even personal projects, we always want to make certain our information is protected. Clouds are located off-site and are backed by their hosting companies. That means dedicated protection for the information they hold. There is typically a lot of encryption, control over access, and authentication required. Aside from this, cloud companies have reputations to uphold, and are understanding that you are entrusting them with extremely important information. This means more protection than what comes to mind for traditional methods.

This also means that you never lose access to your data. Unlike hardware which may prove unreliable if it goes down, clouds are reliable even if hardware becomes damaged. Instead of being stored locally, you can have peace of mind knowing data is protected.

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