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Hosted Solutions for Improved Communications

March 02nd, 2017

One problem with installing a new IT system is that the new tools and features integrate differently into everyone’s way of working. It seems like there is always somebody who complains that they liked it better beforehand. But that doesn’t have to be the case for our hosted solutions. Our feature-rich phone system offers an online WebLINK control panel where employees can log in and change their personal settings. The panel gives you access to settings for your voice and fax messages, call routing features, and much more. In addition, when you get new employees, you can easily add extensions and features as needed. Want to add a line for your remote workers? Simple enough. With our VoIP PBX in place, you can use the phone network from any location, as if you were in the office yourself. Calls to your desk phone are automatically forwarded to your VoIP system and voicemail messages are sent to you via email.

What are some of the benefits of these hosted solutions? In addition to the flexibility described earlier, you can enjoy new levels of mobility. Employees no longer need to be tied down to the same desk every day, or notify everyone of their new location. Communication systems are unified in one central application, accessible online from any computer or device. We are always learning about new VoIP features being offered for businesses to improve their productivity. Ultimately, these solutions aim to improve how you collaborate within your teams as well as with external partners and customers. Take a look at the range of different features that we offer on our website.

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