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Having a Good Backup Plan

February 17th, 2017

Every business owner needs to have a good backup plan in place for when something disrupts business. Whether it is a storm, downed power lines, hardware failure, or something else causing work to come to a screeching halt, you need to have an idea of how to handle business in case of an emergency. That includes a data backup system, so you can recover lost information and restore your IT system as quickly as possible. These days its also important to have access to some email accounts from outside the office. An area that is often overlooked though, is the phone system.

NuSound can advise you on the best ways to set up your IT for disaster recovery. We recommend having your PBX system set up to automatically move to a disaster recovery plan if the lines ever go down. This plan would reroute incoming calls to emergency numbers, such as company cellphones. Clients and vendors can still reach you, saving you from losing business. Your carrier automatically shifts you over to the fully-hosted virtual PBX system, which will sound and act just like your normal system – the same auto attendant and phone selections will be available for callers. Voicemail messages still go to you and your team via email, but any calls that would go through to desk extensions will be rerouted to the emergency numbers. Your callers will never know the difference.

Take advantage of our years of experience helping protect businesses from losing voice and data systems due to disasters. Learn more about how we can help you, even when snow drifts make the office inaccessible.

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