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Gain Freedom with Hosted Cloud PBX and FreedomVoice

January 29th, 2019

Cloud PBX phone systems are excellent for small to medium-sized businesses. Many think that VoIP phone systems are only for large corporations, but the feature-rich, quality technology and affordability allow it to be even more beneficial for small to medium-sized companies. Cloud-based phones offer flexibility, real-time collaborative capabilities, web and desktop phone functions, and ultimately reduce costs, almost eliminates downtime, data loss, and allow you to use your phone anywhere you like.

NuSound is proud to offer Freedom IQ from FreedomVoice, a hosted cloud phone system made just for small to medium-sized businesses. Known as the “Intelligent Phone system” FreedomIQ is designed to fit your business giving you flexibility and scalability combined with robust VoIP PBX features all at affordable rates and without a contract. With our FreedomIQ service, you also get free phones, and we’ll ensure that your internet connection is at the right speeds so you can keep your business going.

FreedomIQ eliminates the need for any heavy equipment and stress. Here at NuSound, we will provide you with around the clock support, updates, and upgrades of your phone systems as well. NuSound works to give you the best custom solution for your business at a great price. Contact Us Today!

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