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Do We Need Business Desk Phones Anymore?

August 25th, 2020

Do we need business desk phones anymore? It depends on your business model, but generally, keeping desk phones remains a wise strategy.

We’ll look at some of the reasons to consider keeping desk phones in place. Although they may seem obsolete as 96% of Americans now use cellphones, some key advantages remain.

First, let’s look at how the current business landscape continues to push toward mobile phone use.

Mobile Business Phones Allow Us To Work Anywhere

As we know, mobile cell phones are in use more and more. In 2020, this became even more apparent as most businesses quickly adapted to working remotely due to Covid-19.

Also, this year, millennials became half of the workforce. Their work habits are going to push businesses of all kinds further to mobile technologies.

Data from Citrix found that 78% of millennials gravitate to using modern technologies to increase production. More revealing: 95% of millennials want a better work/life balance and seek solutions by working remotely using mobile devices.

It’s true; mobile phones make workers more productive remotely. Not to mention, they integrate with business phones to the point that desk phones seem unnecessary. For example, mobile apps allow you to make and receive calls through work phone systems. Now, you can send messages and texts or use your computer as a “softphone.”

Clearly, mobile technologies are essential as we take our work with us wherever we go. In the future, this will remain true. However, now we’ll look at why it might be unwise to throw out your desk phones.

Advantages of Retaining Business Desk Phones

Although millennials are going to shape the workforce, chances are desk phones for businesses will stay in place.

Why? One reason is that managing communications for mobile workforces can be a nightmare. While apps and mobile unified communications (UC) solutions are improving, supporting a mix of users and devices remains challenging. Supporting all devices and people requires extensive infrastructure supporting things like wireless LAN, Mobile VoIP, and VPN security.

Going all mobile requires extensive planning, technical support, and execution. Even if you have the best plans, mobile remains vulnerable in many ways. So, before you make the switch to all mobile, consider the drawbacks below.

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Drawbacks of All Mobile Systems

  1. Mobile phone signals can remain spotty, and the sound quality is often not as good. (Although it’s much better than in the past) Users often experience lagtime, which leads to lower quality communication.
  2. It’s only as good as your connection. Depending on WiFi, even with optimal bandwidth can lead to dropped calls and, thus, lost customers.
  3. Unfortunately, maintaining personal cell phones, data plans, and replacing those phones can ultimately be more expensive.
  4. Perhaps the most important reason to consider keeping your business phone systems in place is security. Although technology is improving, mobile devices remain more vulnerable to compromise.

Here are some other drawbacks as pointed out in Forbes recently:

  1. Desk phones can be more ergonomic for many users and won’t “butt-dial” anyone.
  2. Call quality is often better, without lag, dropped calls, or interruptions.
  3. Useful a dependable backup, including for emergencies
  4. The cost is reasonable and often saves money overall.

See more reasons to consider keeping your business desk phones in our recent blog. 

NuSound is here to help you with all phone systems as you adapt to rapidly changing workplaces.

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