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What is Hosted VoIP PBX?

A hosted VoIP PBX is a business phone system managed by a remote provider. See why hosted VoIP PBX systems are the fastest growing business phone system sector in the industry.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Hosted VoIP PBX technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and FreedomVoice has been designed to take full advantage of these developments. We’ve built our call-handling technology from the ground up, and take pride in continually improving the infrastructure that has supported our business clients for over a decade.

We also frequently update the features automatically available for your VoIP PBX, so you and your employees always have access to cutting edge communications technology.

Hassle-Free Hosted VoIP

Your phone system should help your business solve problems, not create new ones. If it’s costing you more time and money to deploy, manage, and maintain your PBX hardware than its features are helping you save, where’s the value?

A FreedomVoice hosted VoIP PBX system is guaranteed to stop the headaches and unnecessary expense. With “plug-and-play” VoIP phones and a broadband Internet connection, your business can be up-and-running with reliable, hassle-free VoIP phone service within minutes.

Built-In Disaster Recovery

As a managed service, FreedomVoice means never having to worry about damaged hardware or natural disasters bringing down your phone system. Our fully-redundant hosted VoIP platform keeps your phone service online no matter what the conditions are like in your area.

Even if your office is damaged or inaccessible, your FreedomVoice WebLINK Internet Control Panel allows you online access to instantly reroute your calls to available emergency phones or cell phones.