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Cabling – Transmitting your Network’s Lifeblood

December 14th, 2016

Data cabling

Did you know that cabling problems can account for over 50% of network problems? Correct cabling installation and quality is vital for carrying the large amount of data at the fast speeds that we expect. We provide Category 5 and 6 data cabling services to ensure you have the speed and quality your business requires. For voice, if you’re looking to work with a traditional cabling system, we can provide you with voice grade wire cabling, including standard RJ11 jacks.

There are a range of different options, depending on what your business needs and can afford. We work with coax, twisted pair, and fiber optics cabling, depending on the requirements. It’s important that you have the right combination and installation of these cabling structures and equipment, so your server and IT system can run effectively. We can advise you on the right equipment and connections with our years of experience in this field.

To learn more about our Coax Cabling, Twisted Pair Cabling, or Fiber Optics Cabling, visit our site.

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