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A Solid Foundation for Your IT System

October 09th, 2018

Once upon a time, businesses that were “ahead of their time” had large server rooms that stored entire megabytes of data. That was the pride of their IT team! Your department alone might create terabytes worth of data each day, depending on your line or work, or just gigabytes. Regardless, you need a system that can easily handle the amount of data processing and storage your business requires. The same goes for your voice solutions, internet, and applications. There’s no point in buying high-performance laptops for everyone if their connection to the cloud server is super slow. Now, you can invest in a better router or faster cloud applications, but if your network cabling is old, you’ll soon reach the limits of your IT infrastructure.

In other words, you need a solid, reliable cabling system. NuSound can provide that, and more, with our team of experienced technicians and project managers. We’ll design a solid foundation, starting with an in-depth assessment of your current cabling and equipment, as well as a review of your system requirements. The goal is to create a foundation for your network, data, surveillance, cloud, and voice systems, so they can perform at their best for years to come! So, don’t keep slogging along with outdated equipment and old cabling. Have NuSound redesign your infrastructure with the right structured cabling solution.

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